Technical Support

Accessing Classes

  • All VLP teachers will create and maintain a Canvas course and homepage for their classes
  • On the Canvas homepage for each class/teacher, staff will post their Teams meeting link.
  • Students should start every day in Canvas for all of their classes – this is where announcements are also posted, as well as the virtual meeting link

Students who do not have internet access at home will be provided with it, either through a MiFi mobile hotspot or through the APS partnership with Comcast. (more details here)

► If students are experiencing issues with their device, account, or internet access:

  1. Email or contact your child’s teacher(s) for any class/content that they may be missing, or regarding access to any instructional application or resource.
  2. Troubleshoot if possible using these helpful resources:
  3. Help By Phone
    For scheduling concerns please call the VLP Office at 703-228-2471
  4. For help with physical tech concerns or student account password issues, use the VLP Online Tech Support Form