FAQ from the VLP Town Hall

General Questions

Q: Spanish Language Arts (SLA) is supposed to be offered to students from the Spanish Immersion schools. When will that start and who will be providing that support?
A: Those students will be under the instruction of a former FLES teacher. Our goal is to have these students start with that teacher the week of 9/13.  

Q: Why did APS decide to create VLP instead of using Virtual Virginia?
A: While many secondary students are enrolled in Virtual Virginia and other online provider courses, Virtual Virginia only recently announced their elementary offerings.  Rather than enrolling APS students in elementary Virtual Virginia courses that have not been fully vetted, we opted to enroll our students in courses with strong curricula taught by APS teachers.

Q: What plans does APS have to deliver all communications in Spanish and other languages to reach this audience?
A: Staff will be using our current process to get items translated in multiple languages and also posting information online that can be translated using the translation feature on the website.

Q: What processes are in place for families and students to report bullying or harassing behavior?
A: VLP has implemented the same processes as brick and mortar schools, by providing a google form that students can use to report bullying and/or harassing behavior. That form will be placed inside Canvas Courses and on the VLP webpage.

Q: How will schedules be communicated to families?
A: Elementary students will see their homeroom in Canvas. Secondary students will need to access ParentVue or StudentVue for this information.

Q: How do I find out if it is an A Day or B Day?
A: A calendar will be made and posted on the VLP webpage, VLP Daily Updates, and on teacher Canvas course pages.

Q: Some middle and high school students still have incomplete schedules. When can we expect them to be updated?
A: Both the middle and high school schedules will be finalized by 9/20. Directors of Counseling, Special Education, and VLP staff have been working together to identify holes in student schedules, students without schedules, and making sure the proper supports are in place for all students.

Q: Middle School hasn’t had a math teacher assigned. How will the instructors prevent him from being behind other students in the county? Will Virtual Virginia be an option?
A: Virtual Virginia Enrollment for the fall semester has closed. The VLP Math Coach who will be onboarded shortly will also ensure that appropriate interventions and instructional support are provided until a qualified math teacher is hired.

Q: When will my student get their login information for FuelEd, Edgenuity, and/or Virtual Virginia?
A: Students need to check their APS email, through their My Access sign-on. These service providers have started sending emails with login information and class time support.   

Q: There are currently subs providing instruction. How are they being supported so they can offer the same level of academic rigor as the permanent teachers?
A: Long-term subs are supported in lesson planning and delivery by APS teachers and Office of Academics staff.

Q: There are a lot of new APS teachers. How are they being supported?
A:  Grade level and content Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs) and Office of Academics instructional supervisors and specialists are providing VLP teachers access to syllabi, learning activities and resources.

Q: Can the in-person home school specialists help teach some of the classes in elementary school?
A: Elementary specials teachers (Art, Music, PE and Library) and specialists (Math Coaches and Reading Specialists) assigned to brick and mortar schools are fully engaged in providing instruction and support to the in-person students at their school.  Specials will be delivered to VLP students by special teachers assigned to the VLP. The VLP has also been allocated a Math Coach and an ELA content lead who will provide learning support to VLP students and planning support to teachers.

Q: Will students in VLP have access to the same supports as the home campus?
A: The VLP has a Student Support Coordinator (SSC), Special Education Case Carriers, Counselor, Elementary Reading Specialist, and Math Coaches. These individuals will be working closely with their counterparts at the home campuses.

Q: How will gifted services be provided to VLP students?
A: In terms of gifted services, the classroom teacher is responsible for differentiating for all the learners within their virtual class. They should use pre-assessment data and then plan appropriate instruction based on the data. Since there is no RTG assigned to the VLP, we will work to align each grade level teacher’s planning time to another school’s planning time for ongoing support as many times the RTG is part of these CLTs.

Q: What are the current vacancies? What is the timeline to get these positions filled?
A: There are 17 vacancies that are full or part-time. Interviews are being scheduled.    

Tech Support
Q: Who is the point of contact for technical support for students?
A: Ron Crouse, is the Virtual Learning Program Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC). All VLP staff are able to assist with lost passwords and general tech issues.

Q: What do I do if my device won’t turn on, it is broken, or won’t’ stay charged?
A: Please call the VLP number and Ron Crouse will create a help desk ticket and make an appointment for you to come in and have the device repaired.

Q: Will there be hours after the regular school day for students to bring devices or get assistance with technology issues?
A: Yes, those days are being scheduled and will be posted on the VLP Webpage.  

Special Education
Q: How are the special education services going to be provided immediately since they are federally mandated?
A: For services that are missed, once a special education teacher is hired, the IEP team can determine what make-up services are required.

Q: How do you expect a teacher in-person to understand what the IEP needs and overall needs of their case students are if the students are virtual and the case carrier is not?
A: Regular communication between case carriers and VLP special education teachers is paramount.  The VLP Student Support Coordinator will facilitate these conversations with case carriers. Case carriers will be responsible for providing quarterly IEP progress reports and these reports will reflect this communication with the VLP special ed teacher.

Q: When are the Growth Assessments scheduled to take place and will home schools be supporting the VLP with these?
A: Students in Grades 3-8 who need to take the VDOE required growth assessments for reading and math in person will do so through their home school. The testing coordinators at the students’ school of record are working to develop a testing schedule for VLP students. They are considering the use of early release (9/29) or a day when no other students are in the building (10/11).  More information will be shared with families by the testing coordinator at their school of record.