VLP Parent Council

To nurture partnerships between students, parents, educators, and community members that will ensure the well-being of the “whole child” and make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all students.

Areas of Focus
Holistic Wellness | Academic Excellence | Social-Emotional Support | Parent Empowerment


  1. The VLP PC shall be a collective ‘voice’ of all parents and community members regarding students’ educational success and their health and wellbeing within the Virtual Learning Program.
  2. The VLP PC shall reflect the diversity of students enrolled in the Virtual Learning Program.
  3. The VLP PC shall identify, understand, and meet the collective needs of our diverse school community.
  4. The VLP PC shall empower parents with knowledge and skills to support student’s academic development and their social-emotional needs.
  5. In collaboration with all stakeholders, the VLP PC will create authentic virtual experiences that engage and enhance the effectiveness of the school community in realizing our mission and collective goals.