Connect with Other Parents

WhatsApp Groups

To create opportunities for VLP families to connect as a community, we worked in collaboration with home schools to duplicate systems to support family engagement and interaction.  The following “WhatsApp”  groups for VLP parents have been created so parents have an avenue to quickly share information and ask questions of each other. The links to join these WhatsApp groups are below.  Please note that these are parent-created groups and the discussions are not monitored by APS. If you have questions for APS about the VLP program, please contact or 703-228-2471.

PTA and Padres Latinos Groups

Additionally, the PTAs/parent groups would like to welcome you and help your family and student(s) connect to your home schools. Below you will find contact information for each secondary school’s PTA or equivalent parent group, as well as Padres Latinos groups.    Information on elementary school PTAs will be distributed shortly.