Meet the High School Team

Assignment Teacher Name APS email address
English 9, 10, 11 Susan Hunter Benante
English 9, 10, 11 Jacqueline Livelli
Elements/Strategies of Reading, English 11 Extension, Reading JaVonna Friend
Algebra, Algebra I part 1, Algebra I part 2, Algebra 1 Strategies, Algebra II David Wilson
Algebra III, Geometry, Geometry Strategies, PreCalc/Trig, Algebra II Cara Saavedra
Chemistry, Ecology Stacy Brasfield
Biology Michelle Young-Hasberry
World History-Ancient, World History-Modern, African American Studies, US VA Government Jelani Walls
US VA History Kevin Bridwell
US VA History Maura Coughlin
Art Kristin Grant
Band Matthew Rinker
Health & PE Jed Bobier
Food & Fitness, Gourment Foods, Intro to Fashion Regina Robinson
Spanish Teacher Sylvie Degraff
Spanish Teacher Yanira Umana
Special Education Resource Teacher Tanya Bell
Special Education Resource Teacher Debra Cave
Special Education Resource Teacher Peter Laseau
Special Education Resource Teacher Alka Johar
Special Education Resource Teacher Curtis Brandon
Special Education Instructional Assistant Dennil Barnes
MIPA/Life Skills Teacher Julie Suarez
MIPA Instructional Assistant Alba Armstrong
Life Skills Instructional Assistant Diana Vollin
Special Education Instructional Assistant Bridget O’Malley
Autism/Low Incidence Specialist Deborah Hammer
English Learner (EL) Teacher Andrea Krisko
EL Data Coordinator/EL Support Katherine Garcia-Larner
Librarian Jill Miller
School Counselor Melissa MCarthy
Registrar Cynthia Sturdivant
Administrative Assistant Sheila Jimenez
Instructional Technology Coordinator Tyler Witman

Some support staff from students’ home schools (school of record) will provide support for VLP students, by school:

  • School Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • AsTech Staff
  • Transition Coordinator