About Us

K-12 Virtual Learning ProgramThe Virtual Learning Program (VLP) serves students who, for a variety of reasons, choose to learn remotely. Students carry a full course-load and attend all classes online. Students enrolled in the program maintain connection and alignment with their school of record for reporting, student services, extracurricular activities, and graduation.


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5 days per week virtual learning


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Synchronous, virtual learning instruction with an APS teacher

Common bell schedule and calendar for each level


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Connection to school of record for reporting, electives and athletics

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Breakfast and lunch are free for all students at grab-and-go locations, to be announced


    • 5 days of synchronous, teacher-led instruction, with time for asynchronous learning
    • Schedules, curriculum, and pacing aligned with traditional school
    • Dedicated administrator and staff focused on high-quality virtual learning
    • Students maintain a connection to their school of record through their counselor, and extracurricular activities and sports
    • All core courses and most electives offered; Virtual VA courses to supplement
    • No concurrent instruction
    • Career & Technical Education: Auto Tech, Collision Repair, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology/Barbering and Electricity in-person only
    • Workspace provided for students who need additional support
    • Meal services will depend on guidance from the USDA/VDOE
    • Extended Day and Pre-K not offered
    • The student will be instructed in the virtual learning program
    • Student place held in option program for 2022-23
    • Elementary Immersion students will participate in Spanish Language Arts classes
    • English Learners:
      • Bilingual Family Liaisons will support communication
      • ACCESS for ELs will be conducted in person
      • Elementary Immersion students will participate in Spanish Language Arts classes
    • Services for Students with Disabilities:
      • Services will be delivered in alignment with the IEP
      • A special education teacher will be assigned from the VLP and work with the home school to facilitate meetings
      • APS is committed to inclusive practices
      • If a parent has questions or concerns about their child, they should contact their VLP special education teacher
    • Gifted students:
      • RTGs from the school of record will work with VLP teachers to differentiate instruction
      • Virtual clusters created across grade levels if appropriate